Top 5 International Stoner Cities

There are top 5 international stoner cities that consume the most weed. Out of those five, there are currently 195 countries and the number keeps continuing to scale up. This leaves us to the conclusion that Earth is vastly enormous. Global cities adorn our lonely plane which are unique and special in their own way. But which one do we choose to live in? Seedo’s Weed Index 2018 Cannabis Report shows the top international stoner cities in the world. The report shows certain cities with high populations that set them at the top of the list of “most smoked weed”. However, some international cities that have a high population lag behind as the prices are way too high. One example is Tokyo which has an exorbitant price of $33 per gram of cannabis!

These international cities are interesting to take note of as they show us how cannabis can operate medically and recreationally. Now we’ll elaborate on each country that has the highest consumption of cannabis. The report will point us on the “actual” data from pricing to level of consumption.


5. London

Cannabis is widely used throughout the UK but London consumes most of the country’s weed. London is known as one of the world’s most traveled cities that prices cannabis at $9 per gram.

However, cannabis use is illegal in London for now. Although authorities are getting more lenient as their society is changing the attitudes toward cannabis. Some regional police forces no longer target people who grow cannabis for personal use, because they turn a blind eye to smoking weed. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that police officers also want to enjoy their “relaxation time” right after a hard day’s work. We can all relate to the soothing effects cannabis brings to citizens in London as they are only human.


4. Cairo

Cairo is a second city with the largest consumption rate of cannabis. They currently have 32.59 metric tons of cannabis consumption in their country. Although this is a a high amount, it’s interesting to see the brief history of the cannabis in Egypt.

Furthermore, Egypt has one of the oldest cannabis cultures in the world. Egyptians were consuming cannabis in many different forms.  The Ebers papyrus, written some 3600 years ago, states that cannabis is a remedy to cure afflictions. It’s well stated from the encyclopedia report that,

“It is a collection of diverse medical texts that offers the most complete record of Egyptian medicine.”

As we understand this, we know how profound and credible this ancient piece of book has on past medical events. The fact it said anything about cannabis gives us more hope that cannabis was used historically by our ancestors. It has been called the most important medical papyrus yet recovered  

However, the same papyrus also offers half an onion and beer froth as the best remedy against death. The onion part may be too far-fetched but the beer makes complete sense, especially after a night’s heavy drinking.

Unfortunately, the current laws in Cairo are very strict. This impacts the prices as Cairo has the most expensive weed among the top cannabis consuming cities. One example is that a gram of cannabis sells for $16. Would you buy cannabis for this much?



3. New Delhi

Another city that makes the list of most consumed cannabis is New Delhi. The History of cannabis in India is laden with legends and religious practices. Indians consume cannabis mostly as an edible preparation called bhang. It’s widely used during Holi, a Hindu spring festival. Thanks to its religious importance, the country has always been one of the largest cannabis consumers. The consumption rate is 38.26 metric tons within New Delhi now.

New Delhi is the stoner capital of India as it’s obviously a booming economy. The city has one huge advantage over the rest of the world which is the fact it has the lowest priced cannabis. In fact, it has the cheapest cannabis in the world that can be found throughout India.


2. Karachi

The fourth city with the highest consumption of cannabis is Karachi, Pakistan. It’s past history is interesting to explore within the cannabis realm. In past times, Cannabis was universally used in the Islamic world to connect with divinity. Sufis loved to employ the help of weed in their quest for enlightenment. They were hippies before it was politically correct to show their hippy pride. Avicenna, who is the greatest philosophers of that bygone era, recommended weed for medical use.

Those times are no more. But the land still remembers. The passion for cannabis still endures in many places. Their consumption rate according to the Weed Index report is 41.95 metric tons, today. This is why Karachi is the second largest consumer of cannabis on earth.


1. New York City

Lastly, America dominates the world in cannabis use. New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago have more cannabis consumption per person than all the top stoner cities on the planet. Their consumption rate is sitting at 77.44 metric tons according to the data report by Weed Index.

However, out of the two states in the U.S, New York City maintains the largest consumption rate of cannabis. It’s also important to note that New York City still maintains cannabis on an illegal status federally. The only allowance of cannabis is its recreational use. New York has already turned an eye to recreational cannabis legalization which makes the city a very prime hub for stoners worldwide.

Overall, cannabis is gathering large amounts of attention internationally. It’s a staggering phenomenon that most of our world uses cannabis on a daily basis. What does this tell us about the herbal plant? Why would so many millions of people use cannabis if it’s considered unhealthy for you? There are many reasons to believe cannabis can harm you, but these reasons are being thrown out the window by current new studies. Cannabis is being reborn into this world and it will continue to dominate the masses, especially when federal legalization happens worldwide.


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11 Feb 2018

By Lucinda Nevarez