The Importance Of Protecting Your Investment In The Cannabis Industry

As is true in all walks of life, uncertainty is inevitable. There is no way we can predict what will happen next week, tomorrow, or even five minutes from now. As daunting as this concept may seem to some, it exists nonetheless. This sentiment has never been more prevalent than it is within the cannabis industry; an industry fogged with its own additional layer of uncertainty given the political climate. Business owners within cannabis have to constantly wonder what may happen to their company next, often with little to no warning when said event actually does occur. This can create quite an aura of fear and apprehension when it comes to making decisions on elements such as growth, expansion, and product development. This ultimately begs the question, “Well, what do I do now?”


There are realistically two paths a person, especially a cannabis business owner, can take in response to this overwhelming uncertainty. The first option is allowing the fear to control you, and having a reactive nature towards the different anomalies that are thrown their way, which more often than not, result in a loss of some sort to the business. Whether they are hit with fines, enter litigious situations, or even have their operations ceased immediately by force, one would have no choice but to agree that this approach leaves much to be desired. The second approach, is that of a proactive, forward-thinking mentality in preparing for what’s ahead. One of the best ways a business owner can do this is not by simply purchasing insurance, but purchasing the right ​kind of insurance. There is a myriad of insurance products in the market that are comprehensively designed to protect specific aspects of your cannabis business from exposures you may not have even been aware of!


The key to finding that right type of insurance solution, starts with finding a good broker. Now when we say good, we don’t simply mean a smile on their face or a Christmas card every year. No, we mean a broker who is there not to be an insurance salesperson, but someone you can almost think of as your business’s very own in-house risk management department. Brokers like these put forth a level of effort that shows their clients that they care as much about protecting your business, as you care about having it protected. A quality insurance broker should be checking in with you monthly to make sure that the uncertainty that plagues the cannabis industry can be mitigated and prepared for. We can’t promise bad things won’t happen in the world, but we can make sure that your business is both physically and financially ready to handle whatever the universe (or government, in this matter) attempts to throw your way.


When working in the cannabis industry as a business owner, there will always be a high degree of uncertainty and worry about what will happen next. Luckily for them, there is an industry filled with companies like Twin Bridges Cannabis Insurance Brokers

to help them better prepare for and weather the storm; literally or figuratively. Do not cut corners when it comes to picking the right broker, because the right broker will help you find the correct insurance solution for your business. Whether you are a cultivator protecting your crop from a fire or a storm, an extractor ensuring no person becomes ill from your oil or causes an explosion in the extraction lab, or even an edible manufacturer making certain that the warnings and dosage information on the package are compliant with state guidelines to avoid any sort of litigation. In the end, picking the right broker and insurance policy can relieve a great deal of the pressure business owners feel in this industry, and can make those owners feel as though they truly have an ally who has their back.


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31 Oct 2018

By Timmy Bridges