Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis After Years of Executing Drug Offenders



On January 17th of 2018, Thailand’s  Narcotics Control Board director Sirinya Sitdhichai announced they are on their way to legalizing medical marijuana according to a Thailand news report. Thailand’s Office of Narcotics Control Board is deciding upon whether to amend their narcotics law to allow patients to receive prescribed cannabis medication. What could this mean for the future citizens of Thailand? Thailand’s history of cannabis tells us that cannabis is identified as a narcotic drug. Moreover, Thailand’s laws made individuals fear for their life, because of their strict laws. Now it’s unbelievable to suggest or even hear that Thailand is finally legalizing medical marijuana. Cannabis is spreading like wildfire throughout many countries worldwide and now Thailand is on the move to legalizing it for medical purposes. Let’s evaluate the specific details of their steps to legalizing cannabis from past to present.


Past  Events In Thailand That Led to The War on Drugs Years Before



How far back should we search on Thailand’s laws in relation to cannabis? When Thailand prohibited the use of marijuana back in the 1970s, they had strict sentences on the plant. The laws that are current today state any one person caught with 10 kg of cannabis are sentenced to 5 years in jail and are fined up to 50,000 baht as stated in a report from the Thai Law Forum. Now did anyone get executed for using this drug?


There are several reports all over the news “media” stating that Thailand executed several thousand individuals to eradicate the use of meth, heroin, and kratom back in 2003, as stated from the New York Times news report. The Prime Minister had a moment of “drug” rampage by declaring a war on drugs. However, it doesn’t mention anything about executing criminals for using cannabis. Moreover, there is little to no data about whether these individuals were involved with cannabis. But we can perceive that Thailand did identify cannabis as a “drug” which means any criminal could have received an execution for using it illegally.


A few years later in 2016, after the “war on drugs” failed to meet the necessary standards, the Narcotics Control Board took another peek at their system. This year they’ve taken a specialized interest in cannabis by pursuing the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes only.


2018 Thailand’s Laws Are Changing… For The Better



Today, Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board are debating whether to legalize cannabis for medical purposes or not. If they decide to legalize cannabis then it means any “permitted” patient authorized to use cannabis for their ailments can receive a “prescribed” medication from a licensed doctor. But citizens can’t personally grow their own cannabis within their homes or use it recreationally.

The pressing issue to legalize cannabis was long proposed or “rewritten” late last year according to the Thailand news report. It’s been awaiting approval within the cabinet, yet Sirinya Sitdhichai remains positive they will approve the vote in due time. If they do then the new “amendment” will await the voting trial within the interim parliament.


On the contrary, some citizens fear cannabis will do more harm than good. The Narcotics Control Board director, Sirinya Sitdhichai states from a news report by Marijuana,


“Doctors in our country are still divided into two opinions. Some fear that if we legalize it for recreational use, children may use it, and it may impact their brain development. We are looking at both the good and the bad.”


These citizens have every right to fear the  “unknown” cannabis plant. Afterall, they’ve lived with the “fact” that cannabis is a narcotic drug that harms you internally.


However, in this new age of the cannabis industry, we’re slowly understanding the “real” health benefits it has on the human body. Does it really harm your child’s brain from developing?


This is a question many have trouble answering, but the answer that keeps popping up the most is, “No”. But some researchers are still trying to find out whether cannabis helps or harms the brain. Then there are studies that tell you cannabis helps with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological hiccup in the brain and influences an individual's daily activities. When this happens, the body shakes uncontrollably which is known as a seizure episode. According to a research science report called, “The current status of artisanal cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy in the United States” from Science Direct, they study a group with current seizures and how cannabis helps reduce them. It states the key factors of how much cannabis helps ease ailments within epileptic patients. If we’re being specific, then CBD is actually the one helping these patients. CBD is an element that’s extracted from the cannabis plant.


Moreover, today’s research also tells us that cannabis can heal your migraine or a headache. It completely eradicates the pain, because it’s what most users experience.


Since this is what most have experienced and have used for their epilepsy, then wouldn’t it be safe to say cannabis eases and mends your neural brain? Time and patience of unveiling the truth about cannabis will give us a broader scope of understanding the cannabis plant.


If Thailand Legalizes Cannabis, Then We may See a Positive Turn for The Best


Overall, Thailand is still debating whether to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. It’s true some citizens in Thailand, who are aware of the health benefits of cannabis, are hoping it becomes legal. As we now understand Thailand’s history with narcotic drugs, including cannabis, we may see a more positive outcome than the “War on Drugs” rampage. Furthermore, Thailand may be another country to legalize cannabis and the world “might” be better off with it.



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