Senator Sotto: Let us stand up against legalization of marijuana now

16th Congress - Senator Vicente Sotto III delivered his privilege speech on February 19, 2014, to oppose House Bill 4477 or the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Bill.  He stated "Mr. President, they insist that marijuana is a cure. They refer to the so-called cannabidiol or CBD minor nonpsychoactive ingredient of marijuana. Some research says that CBD is considered to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. If you are saying that this marijuana component has the capability to cure, then let's just legalize CBD. Why will we legalize the use and cultivation of marijuana? The proposal to legalize marijuana is misleading. It is camouflaged under the term "medical marijuana". You do not declare a nuclear bomb legal just because a small component of the bomb can be used to light up your house."


Senator Sotto, the former Dangerous Drugs Board chairman, and an anti-illegal drug advocate said that the proposal will encourage the use of Marijuana which has no medicinal value, no scientific basis and will open the door to more dangerous drugs such as shabu (methamphetamine), heroin and cocaine.


"We are a signatory to the United Nation's Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs which classified marijuana as a dangerous drug, particularly the United Nation's Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UN-CND) Schedule IV. Every year, there are numerous petitions asking the U.N. that marijuana is legalized because of its so-called medical benefits. But the United Nations has consistently refused to give in to their petitions simply because up to now, there is no empirical data that could back-up their claims. I do not think that these people who are lobbying for the legalization of marijuana are much better than the powerful research machinery of the United Nations- Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UN-CND)." he said.


He also implied that “If we legalize the use of marijuana, it will become a disaster. If your child is using marijuana, will you encourage him of its continued use, or will you ask him to stop from using it? If marijuana has negative effects for many, will we make it a law for a few?


Sotto adviced those seeking to legalize medical marijuana to prove its effectiveness first.


Sotto said that according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy of the United States of America, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, a major component of the marijuana plant, has many "negative effects" such as short-term memory problems, distorted perception (sounds, sights, time, touch), hallucinations and delusions occur, reduced blood pressure, long-term uses leads to addiction, sleeplessness, bad temper, etc.


Sotto also said other countries that legalized marijuana is "on the verge of rollback", "now have doubts" and are proposing the ban on cultivation because of wide-spread abuse and proven detrimental effects to human health. His examples were Netherland, Canada, and Spain.


“According to the data which we have obtained from the DDB, marijuana has consistently been the second most commonly abused substance for the past several years next to shabu (methamphetamine). This is a big business for drug pushers now and will become an even bigger business when it is legalized," he said.


He also made an insulting remark to the Mothers of the patients by stating that, “The problem is that they probably used marijuana when they were pregnant. That is the problem I see here. There are no studies that will back them up, but all the empirical studies that we have will tell them otherwise. As a matter of fact, if their child experienced problems, it might be that you used marijuana before."


17th Congress - October 2nd, The Health Committee of the House of Representative cleared House Bill No. 6517 formerly House Bill 180 or the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.  


Now, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III again expressed that he is against the bill.  "Once we give them the chance for medical marijuana to be legalized, I’m sure, with the penchant of the Filipino, they would be planting it in their own backyards,” Sotto said


Why do you want the medical marijuana legalized in the entire Philippines if you’re the only person who will benefit from it? You’re the only person who’s sick. You’re already allowed to use it without being reprimanded.  “There are other ways that we can use to be able to allow those who need medical cannabis without legislating it now or without legalizing it,” He said while referring to the use of Compassionate Special Permit.  


The Compassionate Special Permit (CSP) for Restricted Use of Unregistered Drug and Devices Product shall refer to a special permit signed by the BFAD Director granting a Specialized Institution (SI) and Specialty Society (SS) the privilege to avail of an unregistered drug and device product through a certain licensed establishment for certain kind/type of patients, specific volume and period.


Compassionate Special Permit administrative order can be found here:


The most common issue with CSP is not all doctors are aware of the process and doesn't even know this permit exists.  2013, Jun and Myca Yutuc, parents of Moon Jaden was laughed at and humiliated when they asked their doctor to use Medical Cannabis for their child Moon Jaden who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a rare, severe form of intractable epilepsy with seizures that cannot be controlled by medication. It caused her to have 300 seizures every week.  Unfortunately, Moon Jaden died without being granted to use Medical Cannabis to control her seizures.


As of this date, nobody in the Senate has filed a bill legalizing marijuana yet.


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