Paraguay Legalizes Marijuana for Cultivation and Exportation

Paraguay legalizes marijuana for cultivation and exportation for their citizens. Where did this happen? According to a news report, the city of Asuncion in Paraguay passed the law to legalize cannabis. Before the country legalized cannabis there are historical events that tell us the country had a few law breakers in using cannabis. Roberto Cabanas, the current vice president of Paraguay’s cannabis organization, helped in pursuing the legalization of cannabis as many law breakers needed to use cannabis for their treatment. Let’s dive into the historical events and why legalizing cannabis will help many patients treat their illnesses.



Historical Cannabis Events of Paraguay


In Paraguay’s past history cannabis was illegal. The country didn’t desire to fully legalize cannabis in the past. However, Paraguay is the largest producer of cannabis than other nearby countries. How is this possible if it was illegal?


About 80 percent of cannabis was smuggled into Brazil reported a news release called “Inside Paraguay's Illegal Cannabis Plantations”. It was illegal, yet individuals didn’t listen to this law of growing less than 10 grams of cannabis.


Now, that Paraguay legalized cannabis, they can now legally import and export larger quantities of the herbal plant. Cultivators can now start creating CBD oil which is an alternative cannabis treatment for many children. Moreover, the vice president wanted legalization, because CBD oil will help his young child with Dravet Syndrome.


One Child with Dravet Syndrome


Robert Cabanas felt a need to help his own child with Dravet Syndrome. What is Dravet Syndrome? It was first identified between the 1970s-1980s by Dravet according to an NCBI report. It's actually a form of epilepsy which happens the first year of life within infants. Dravet syndrome is also an impairment of the neurological development and psychomotor development. According to a research report, “The Core Dravet Syndrome Phenotype” it states the following,


“Onset in the first year of life by febrile or afebrile clonic and tonic–clonic, generalized, and unilateral seizures, often prolonged, in an apparently normal infant is the first symptom”


This means infants are accompanied by seizures which is the first usual symptom of dravet syndrome in infants. However outrageous and fearful dravet syndrome may sound, cannabis is known to ease an infant’s illness.


Cannabis treats Dravet Syndrome


Cannabis is known to treat this illness through the help of its cannabinoid called “Cannabidiol”. The cannabinoid is extracted from the cannabis plant which isolates the pure ingredients that help many individuals. The cannabinoid is transferred in an oily substance named CBD oil. CBD oil is a cannabis treatment alternative that’s better for patients as it has a small percentage of psychoactive effects.  A recent study report “Epilepsy & Behavior” outlines CBD oil enriched products are administered to children with dravet syndrome. The report stated parents saw an 80 percent reduction in seizure frequency in their child.


This gives us an understanding that cannabis has a primary rule in reducing seizures in infants. It’s no wonder the vice president of a medical cannabis organization in Paraguay desired to pass the law to allow cannabis exportation and cultivation of cannabis plants for his child.



The Future of Paraguay


Now Paraguay has the right to use cannabis for medical use in many forms from the actual plant to Cannabidiol or CBD oil. After Congress agreed on a bill to legalize cannabis, Robert Cabanas was thrilled he is now able to help his child live a better life. According to a news report by Reuters, Robert stated,


“We are very happy because this will also allow for the import of seeds for oil production,”


It looks like Robert got what he wanted which was the importation of seed oil production. Moreover, individuals like him throughout Paraguay are now happier than ever, because their illnesses will heal.  


In addition, more children with epilepsy will become eased throughout the country and other individuals with illnesses will also be better off using cannabis. Paraguay is now another country legalizing cannabis for the health and well being of their citizens.



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awareness is the key

Education and Awareness is the key for a successful Legalization. Well done.

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