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Hemproject; an organization based in Italy was born in December 2013 in collaboration with the Assocanapa Italia association, with the mission of spreading Italian Hemp products on a more international level.  Founded by Serafino Elia, a cannabis advocate who speaks his mind regarding the benefits of Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. The organization’s mission is to help spread awareness across the globe.


After closing their experience with Assocanapa Italia association, Serafino and his team decided to continue their way by opening up to a more informative vision for people.  They created a Facebook page that features different articles, studies, researches and personal experience from their team and followers to continue their goal of spreading awareness and stop the stereotype when it comes to the use of Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. Seeing that their Facebook page has kept growing to the audiences in the United States and the world by achieving excellent visibility results, they are aiming to become an alternative reference, offering 360-degree information regarding the Cannabis world.


Aside from their Facebook page they also have a Blog page where Serafino writes articles on different topics related to Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp.  Through their Facebook and Blog pages, he builds relationships with people, and he believes that the key part that made their pages are the messages they receive that lead them to know about so many experiences that other people encounter in various parts of the world.


Serafino believes that products made out of plastic, wood, cotton and anything you can think of can be made from Hemp which is a sustainable alternative. "Hemp has always been present in human history and have always produced a lot of products.  But the most important thing is, it is a fundamental resource for environmental sustainability." one his team said.  


Serafino also believes that Medical Cannabis is better than Opioid.  “Chronic pain can be an incredibly debilitating condition. For many who live with it on a daily or near daily basis, the condition can be so oppressive, it affects other parts of their lives, impacting their mood, health, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, many treatment options are only nominally effective. Worse, commonly prescribed drugs like opioids are highly addictive and potentially toxic; 28,000 people died from an opioid overdose in 2014, more than any other year in history. No wonder a growing number of the estimated one in five Americans who suffer from chronic pain are turning to cannabis as an alternative.”. He wrote on one of his articles.


He also believes that Medical Cannabis can cure cancer, citing a study from a lab at North-West University in South Africa that did a series of experiments using extracts from cannabis sativa.


He wrote, “The researchers used a “cancer model” to perform their experiments on. (One example of these “model cancer” cells are the HeLa cells, an immortalized cell line that is widely used in molecular biology.) It was discovered that cannabis sativa extract could not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells but in some cases outright kill the cells.”


They believe that information is very powerful and can make a difference.  Serafino and his team believe that access to right information is always essential to spread the message of Cannabis and Hemp’s potential. They are in favor of full legalization of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis all over the world.


You can check out their Facebook and Blog page by clicking the links.






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