How One 12 Year Old Girl Is Suing General Jeff Sessions Because of Medical Cannabis

This 12-year-old girl named Alexis Bortell filed a suit against General Sessions over her right of using Cannabis. According to a news report from the NBC news, Alexis Bortell is decidedly suing general Sessions as she wants the freedom to go where she pleases and to take her medical marijuana wherever she goes.


Who is Alexis Bortell? She’s a very intelligent girl with a very bright future ahead of herself, and like all children, she’s an energetic being. She also has epilepsy which gives her every right to use medical marijuana where it’s suitable.


What is epilepsy? As stated from a research report, “Epileptic Seizures and Epilepsy: Definitions Proposed by the International League Against Epilepsy”, it’s a brain disorder that continually disrupts normal brain function on a day to day basis. It’s unpredictable when it does disrupt normal brain functions. This means it can happen anywhere at anytime it feels the need. This ultimately results in seizures. It’s also an illness that’s been taking a hold of Alexis Bortell’s life since she was 7 years old.


Ever since she’s taken medical marijuana she’s now down to almost zero seizures a day. She thanks her medical marijuana for this freedom, but now her challenge is having the option to go to Disney Land or more importantly attending a military base to receive the entitled benefits she deserves.


Attorney General Sessions is another character whose responsible for ensuring cannabis remains illegal federally. Although countless lives are eased with cannabis for proper homeostasis, general Sessions still remains in the past of reefer madness. In an article written by Forbes, he extravagantly implies that marijuana legalized within the states doesn’t mean the Justice Department shouldn’t crack down on those that grow cannabis or sell it. It’s still illegal federally which gives him more leeway to demand “justice”.  


Jeff Sessions reported to Forbes,


"I've never felt that we should legalize marijuana. It doesn't strike me that the country would be better if it's being sold on every street corner”


This is reason enough for Alexis Bortell and her father to file a suit in the Southern District of New York.  


How can one child change general Session’s mind?


It’s accurate to say she’s just a child, but one whose written a book called, “Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis.” She’s very educated about cannabis from its health benefits to the legality of it.


However,  Alexis Bortell isn’t the only one suing. There are other plaintiffs that are challenging the Controlled Substance Act who filed a suit against Sessions,  The Department of Justice, and The Drug Enforcement Agency. According to a case article by the Cannabis Cultural Association, these other plaintiffs are Cannabis Cultural Association, retired NFL Marvin Washington, six-year-old Jagger Cotte, and disabled veteran Jose Belen.


In essence, the Controlled Substance Act states that any drug following under these factors is considered a schedule 1 drug:  


  1. It’s potential for abuse within others.

  2. Scientific evidence of its modes and action as a drug.

  3. The state of current scientific knowledge regarding the drug or other substance.

  4. Its history and current pattern of abuse.

  5. The scope, duration, and significance of abuse.

  6. What, if any, risk there is to the public health.

  7. It's psychic or physiological dependence liability.


Cannabis doesn’t harm or potentially abuse individuals. It’s exactly the opposite as it heals patients. It doesn’t even pose any risk to the public health, because it strengthens public health. The facts really don’t lie when it comes to understanding, “Who do you listen to?”


It’s no wonder why Alexis Bortell and the other plaintiffs are challenging this Act.


As you can see there are many patients whose lives changed because of cannabis. Moreover, a Gallup Poll survey illustrates that 64% of Americans are supporting the federal legalization of marijuana than ever before. Understanding this leaves us with one last question: “Why is cannabis still illegal if it helps so many lives”?


All in all, this suit is an interesting one to follow and to see where it leads. You can also follow Alexis Bortell and this case in real time on Facebook, along with the other 20k fans. She’s impacting the cannabis industry at a very young age. Who better than her to voice the concerns of the cannabis industry?


Lastly, it would be amazing if this suit can lead to the legalization of marijuana on the federal level. Lives would change and the world would change for the better.





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