How Cannabis Cryptocurrency Is Exploding Internationally

Cryptocurrency is becoming apart of a small group of many people's investments. There are top industry leaders taking a piece of the pie, especially in the United States. Why? You may not know or heard that cryptocurrency is reliving the gold rush days. However, strong coins with a stable company like Hemp Coin, Pot Coin, Dope Coin, and Cannabis Coin are raking in higher sums for those investing in their cryptocurrency coins.



What is Cryptocurrency?


It’s digital money where people can exchange transactions between each other.  It’s a blockchain that’s computer software integrated into keeping a stable system where coins are found and used in place of actual cash. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to keep a decentralized system where the people are in control.


The common coin you’ll see is Bitcoin. This is the very first digital coin created by Satoshi in 2009. Bitcoin is now worth $14,000 per 1 Bitcoin which is a higher value than USD. Since then there are new coins gathering attention worldwide.



How does cannabis come into play?


Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, especially within the cannabis industry. Cannabis coins are now at play along with many other non-cannabis coins.


These coins are :



As you are aware there are financial concerns in the cannabis industry. These concerns prohibit cannabis companies to secure their money in actual banks or financial institutions. This forces them to always operate in “cash only” transactions and saving methods. Now there are world leaders investing in cannabis coins and very few companies now allow cannabis coin payments within their dispensaries.


International Countries Are Now Investing in Cannabis Coins


Cannabis coins are attracting other countries to invest and utilize their digital currency. According to a news report, Israel takes a piece of the cryptocurrency pie while partnering with Canada organizations such as SciCann and Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (GCAC).


SciCann produces therapeutic cannabis products for ailments such as pain management, neurodegenerative diseases, and inflammatory disorders. When they agreed to partner with Global Cannabis Applications Corp, their mission was to utilize the cryptocurrency space for the cannabis industry.


Global Cannabis Applications Corporation provides SciCann the ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency. The news report states the cannabis industry has its financial frustrations by not keeping cash into a secure banking system. Cryptocurrency offers them an opportunity to change the cannabis industry. In essence, SciCann creates and promotes the products while GCAC provides the more technical software part.


Israeli’s iCan is also partnered with these two organizations as they launch their iCan Sleep insomnia formulation. However, the news report doesn’t state whether iCan will use cannabis cryptocurrency to help their financial needs for their new formulation iCan sleep launch. We can predict they will utilize cryptocurrency to help expand their cannabis market nationwide.


These organizations see an opportunity to help the cannabis industry’s financial conflicts that the people can take control of without the permission of government authorities.


One Cannabis Dispensary Is Offering You to Buy Weed in Pot Coin Currency


In addition, companies within the United States like WeedMD are partnering up with Pot Coin to deliver a better payment method than traditional cash. This will help the industry keep a secure account within digital cryptocurrency accounts. The accounts will ultimately secure money rather than keeping actual cash at hand.


In a recent press release, Pot Coin announced their partnership with WeedMD. This will invite individuals to buy cryptocurrency coins to purchase grams of weed from WeedMD. Pot Coin hopes this move will enable vendors and suppliers to adapt faster toward cryptocurrency and resolve financial conflicts plaguing the industry. Although it’s a fresh start for Pot Coin, time will only tell how the industry adapts to cryptocurrency.


Overall, digital currency is becoming more popular within the cannabis industry. There are large gains any investor can hope to receive by putting their money within cannabis coins. International countries like Israel and Canada are setting their eyes on high tech technology and cryptocurrency that will change the entire industry for the better. It’s possible that cannabis cryptocurrency will evolve just like Bitcoin has in the next 5 to 20 years. If this continues to scale up as it does, then you can ensure you will receive large gains with the investment you made within cryptocurrency.



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