Gallup Poll: 64% of Americans Are Voting To Support The Legalization of Marijuana


 As we step higher toward freedom of choice, we’re often questioning our own decisions toward a better life. If the choices we make lead us to a better life then why not keep pushing forward until we get “there”. It’s thoughts like these that ignite human compassion to make the right and sometimes, most obvious decisions. Even so, there’s been a rising trend that many individuals are choosing to go up towards. This trend is support for legalizing marijuana, a.k.a cannabis.

 Cannabis is a friendly plant known to many individuals who’ve taken a liking to healing themselves for better health. It’s been continuing to rise in popularity over the course of several decades that the Gallup Poll decided to tally up their survey votes from the day the refer madness spiraled out of control to today. This survey analyzed those within the democratic and republican arena. Some surprising results led 64% of Americans to say, “Yes, I support legalizing cannabis.”

 Moreover, these results are enough to understand how 29 states, more than half the United States, decided to legalize the use of cannabis whether recreational or medicinal. Let’s peel back the tapes from our eyes to see the decades of past votes that’s been leading to this monumental peak. What could this mean for crime rates and drug abuse? Are there lower or higher now because of the epidemic marijuana?

 Even Attorney General Jeff Sessions has to at least consider the shooting weed star accompanying many patients across the U.S. Now, we’ll dive into the very specifics of these votes and how it influences the future of cannabis.

Statistically….Cannabis Wins

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 The survey asked quite a bit of individual back in 1969 about the support of legalizing cannabis. Although things didn’t quite run positively then, there were still very few supporters. Now 5 decades have passed, the votes have been continuing to go up. As Gallup Poll illustrates, the individuals were republicans and democrats expressing interest in seeing this plant become legalized.


 The votes are at 64%, which is higher than it ever has been. After analyzing the results, the majority of the votes are Democrats.

 The Republicans, on the other hand, did vote positively, but not quite as much as the democratic party. However, Republicans have come a long way as more are leaning toward marijuana then they did in 1969.  

 What does this tell us about cannabis now? Now that marijuana is no longer being stifled by long-term refer madness, it looks like it's heading toward federal legalization. It's a far-out prediction for cannabis to be legal on all levels, but it’s one that can mend certain illnesses.



Have we been seeing a downward trend of crime rates?


 Is there more to this mysterious plant that can help more than ease illnesses? There have been claims from others that marijuana has only increased crime rates. However, the actual facts tell us it’s been decreasing. An article of, Sessions: Legal pot drives violent crime, statistics be damned, it reports from accurate facts that each state that’s been legalized has a decrease in crime rates. This includes Washington where 10 percent of crime fell down significantly from 2011 to 2014, which the Status Report: Marijuana Legalization in Washington After 1 Year of Retail Sales and 2.5 Years of Legal Possession, quotes by.


 These results show examples of where the cannabis industry is headed as more individuals become aware of its medicinal properties and it’s calming effects. Not to mention the many jobs it provides thousands of individuals.

 Speaking of which it seems the cannabis industry jobs and opportunities. This is about 122,814 cannabis jobs in the U.S total. This data came from Leafly, the world's largest cannabis information resource. It’s no wonder why crime rates have gone down as more people are leaving the streets.


The Future of Cannabis



 As cannabis continues to be a source of medication, income, and the beacon of hope for people with crime punishments, those individuals can live a better life with cannabis than not at all. Moreover, it’s interesting to note the uprising votes for the support of legalizing marijuana, because we need to give accurate evidence and information. The only option now is to look toward the future and how cannabis is apart of the majority of patients lives.


 A place where medical cannabis gives to those who either want to learn about it or just simply want to live a healthier lifestyle. The results of the Gallup Poll is motivation to keep striving toward stripping cannabis from prohibition.



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