CBD 420 Leads The Cannabis Market by Expanding Across Europe



Medicinal cannabis has held a position in the backseat throughout Europe for quite some time now. However, in one country there are laws that allow for the use of cannabis medication derivatives for the purpose of healing lives. Switzerland is one of those countries allowing companies like CBD 420 to distribute cannabidiol across the country. It’s why CBD 420 is taking action now on delivering quality cannabidiol (CBD) products to individuals who are ill across Europe.  

What is Cannabidiol?  

Cannabidiol is better known as CBD and it’s a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid is extracted from the cannabis plant then it’s transferred into an oily substance which is why others know it as CBD oil. There are many ways to make CBD oil, but only companies certified in creating it, like CBD 420, are able to cultivate and distribute it across the country.

In addition, there are further approved studies on the medical use of cannabis which includes those high in CBD (Cannabidiol) or what is commonly known as the sedative component of the marijuana plant according to a recent report by the NCBI.  This component is permitted in a few countries in Europe, especially Switzerland, due to the calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

There's an increasing market demand for legal cannabis for recreational and medical uses. However, it seems CBD 420 are the ones taking full advantage of the market.  

Who is CBD 420 ?

CBD 420 is a company farming the cultivation of cannabis in Switzerland. They mainly specialize in CBD to give to those who need it most.   Moreover, their products have a low THC content of 0.2 % to meet quality standards and regulations within the country. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive high that’s often associated with smoking the actual cannabis plant. This is why their THC content is very low due to the regulations within Switzerland.

The regulation is allowing companies to produce medicinal cannabis derivatives without THC, because THC is identified as a “drug”.  Medicinal marijuana products are allowed to have 0.2% THC which is permissible in most regions within Europe, except the United Kingdom.

In addition, the company must not label their products as “a cure for cancer and other illnesses.”

Why is this important?

In the last few months some companies like “Charlotte’s Web” were known to label their CBD products as “a cure for cancer” according to the warning letter report by the FDA. This led the company to re-evaluate their CBD products and how they manage their websites content.

Now, CBD 420 ensures they meet the necessary regulations to help those in need of CBD. The mastermind behind this company are Jonas Duclos, Kevin Goetelen, and Bruno Studer.

These top individuals of the company also released a product called “BlueDream” which has a higher CBD content and lower hallucinogen content of THC. For this reason, their product has skyrocketed to 1,000 tobacco stores in just a few months within Switzerland according to a news report.  This was followed by massive purchases of their Blue Dream product in France within 15-20 shops.

After France, CBD 420 plans to bring BlueDream to other cities in Europe. But the owner of CBD 420, Jonas Duclos, wants to abide by the government policies on hemp use before expanding their business through the distribution of their products. For this challenge, the company’s CBD products will be distributed around Great Britain stores within this month of December.

Moreover, CEO Jonas Duclos plans to expand their market beyond France and Great Britain around Europe. This will allow local Switzerland farmers to have plentiful harvest and sure buyers outside of their local home.

Unfortunately, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom has updated their policy on products that contain CBD.  This requires CBD companies to have a licence before they can label their products as a “medicine”.

The CBD 420 company was given support by a New York University lecturer, Ian Hamilton. In a recent news report he emphasizes,

“There is considerable confusion about the legal status of products which contain cannabis extracts such as cannabidiol. Suppliers of these products were instructed by the MHRA to remove any products they were selling until the appropriate licence was obtained. But this will leave many people who use these products unsure if they are breaking the law or not.”

It’s a primary reason why CBD 420 are labeling their products as a food supplement so the patient can see the nutritional benefits they can expect to receive from products. Duclos also discourages the direct smoking of cannabis, because it contains THC. Why? Generally, products with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD) and products low in THC is more beneficial to patients.

In King’s College London, Amir Englund and other cannabis researchers have conducted an in-depth study on the usage of THC and CBD. The experiment aims to show a ratio from 1:0, 1:1, and 1:3 of THC and CBD. This helps them know what's in their products or if it poses risks to users.

The experimental study expects to get results between the side effects of brain activity and hallucination attacks within humans.

Furthermore, the professor is also worried about the limitation of legal weed, yet no one can deny that there is a black market for marijuana in the United Kingdom. Although in the UK, it's considered to have uncontrolled and unregulated THC levels. This would possibly result in a health danger.

Overall the popularity of medicinal cannabis is increasing around the world, especially Europe. Cannabidiol will continue to serve others as treatment for their illnesses that CBD 420 will provide them. For this reason, there's a severe decrease in those relying on the black market for their medical needs. This helps CBD 420 ensure they give these patients what they need by continuing to expand their company throughout Europe legally.



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