We are KBDesigns, creators of Trimbag a revolutionary new way to quickly and easily process most trimmable product following our protocol. With the use of this device, you will notice the structure of your finished product retains its natural contours. This tells us the process, although appears rough, is actually fairly gentle because of the flexibility of the shape and fabric. The Trimbag utilizes multiple friction points dramatically speeding up the trimming process, so one person can do more in less time. The Trimbag can easily pay for itself in the first few uses. Thanks for choosing Trimbag for your dry trimming solution!

Trimbag in Action! Super easy and cost effective handheld dry trimmer, used for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse crops. Whether your growing in your back yard or have a commercial farm, we have the solution for you.


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  • The most affordable dry trimming solution


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Chico ca
Trimbag Trimmer

This handheld dry trimmer is a game changer. I never thought something could change the game so hard. We use to trim for months and now do the same in a few weeks, and for the fraction of the cosr of a trimming machine. Side by side I can run more throught this than my trim machine! Big props to trimbag for making such a great trimming product

December 2018

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