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At Tri-Chrome Labs, we only test Cannabis. This allows us to focus all our resources on providing California's cannabis industry with expertise to deliver superior cannabis testing and quality customer service.


Solvents are used to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the rest of the plant material during extraction. Following extraction, residual amounts of the solvents used may remain in the consumable product. Testing for residual solvent levels in cannabis extracts is important for ensuring product safety.
Consuming products with high concentrations of residual solvents may be hazardous to a patient’s health. Tri-Chrome Labs tests for residual solvents and can help ensure you are producing, selling, and consuming clean products. We test for :
• Acetone
• Butane
• Propane
• Pentane
• Hexane
• Heptane
• Ethanol
• Isopropanol (iso-alcohol)

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