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Made by The Creator, crafted by Thee Alchemist. We are a small Northern California organic cannabis company that specializes in creating the most flavorful, most potent cannabis creations for the world's most discerning patrons. We specialize in sweet, fruit flavorfilled, candy terpenes to delight your tongue and tastebuds alike, but we have a variety of cultivars for a variety of pallettes. We only use photoperiod seeds (no feminized seeds) are used in our breeding projects and we do not take shortcuts. 'Breeding with a Purpose' is our motto. We have perfected our in~house created "supersoil" recipe which we believe strengthens and fortifies our plants immune systems. We believe healthy plants make great flowers! We choose not to use any type of foliar sprays, insecticides or bottled nutrients. We grow for quality over quantity and prefer to create Designer quality, Connoisseur strains instead of mass produced, everyday cannabis. Once you have had the opportunity to partake in TOP TIER RESERVE, we will soon become you favorite secret boutique that you will want to share with those closest to you. If you desire top quality! the Best of the best! Small batch, flavorful Connoisseur tasting cannabis, then look no further than TOP TIER RESERVE. ~ Queen B and Thee Alchemist ​ About Us:​​


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