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Why Homeowners Love The Heat Pump Store Since 2007, The Heat Pump Store has been committed to transforming how the Pacific Northwest heats and cools their spaces by installing thousands of ductless heat pumps. Why? Because this technology is the best option for all homeowners! We provide a full range of services to be your one-stop shop for everything having to do with ductless heat pumps. We are proud to offer a variety of solutions including mini-split heat pumps and service for your existing system. Our offerings include everything you need to own, operate, and care for a ductless heat pump system in the Pacific Northwest. Ductless heat pumps are the world’s best air conditioners. They are efficient, quiet, powerful, and they can save you hundreds of dollars every month. Ductless heat pumps provide cooling and heating with even air distribution for consistent, year-round comfort at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Looking for a Do-It-Yourself option? You’ll love ductless heat pumps! Since 2011, The Heat Pump Store has been pioneering Do-It-Yourself options for ductless heat pump installations. We have thousands of happy customers who can testify to this, too.


11933 NE Sumner St Portland, OR 97220

Everett Showroom
8227 44th Ave. West, Unit M
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Salem Showroom
1545 Monmouth St
Independence, OR 97351-1007

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