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Capture the Magic with TerpMagic Steam Distillers Steam Distillation is the best method for extracting terpenes, and TerpMagic makes the best steam distillers. Our gear offers up the purest most authentic essence of your material, the highest full-spectrum terpene yields, and by far the best return-on-investment (far-lower initial cost than competing systems, one-to-two hour run times, easier maintenance, and lower operating costs). Whatever the size of your aspirations, we’ve got a steam distiller for you: our food-grade stainless steam stills range in capacity from 10-gallons up to our monster 100-gallon Megalodon TM100 (with even larger instruments available by special order). Our stills are top quality, made in America, and are a unique evolutionary design. Check out our website at http://TerpMagic.net for more information, email us at Info@TerpMagic.net, or call us directly at (800) 420-3133. Contact us today and let us help you extract the finest cleanest award-winning terpenes from your material. Thanks, your friends at TerpMagic.


San Diego, California
United States

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  • Whatever the size of your aspirations, we've got a Distiller for you. Our Food-Grade Stainless Steel Steam Stills range in size from our 10-gallon Basilisk and 20-gallon Hippogriff (pictured), up to our monster 100-gallon Megalodon TM100 (also shown).
  • Even larger stills are available by special order, including the
  • 500 gallon Quasar Dragon...


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