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The company, Sym Soil Inc., is committed to soil health. SymSoil, is a biologically enhanced living soil amendment which dramatically improves nutrient availability, soil porosity and water retention. Inspired by Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web, influenced by Master Cho's KNF, the team also has deep expertise in biochar, fungal banking and natural solutions to pesticide resistant insects.


We hesitate to refer to our core product as compost because it doesn’t begin to describe what this material does. We have struggled to come up with a better word for this biologically enhanced, specially cultivated, dense with organic acids and nutrients. We’ve considered a number of terms other than the word compost, and have concluded that nothing else that expresses everything this product is.


  • We can deliver almost anywhere in Northern California and hope to have operations in Southern California in early 2019.

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