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We strive to lead in the development of innovative indoor grow light systems for commercial greenhouse farmers, research institutions and growing enthusiasts. The core focus behind our grow light technology is to benefit growers by increasing the quality and efficiency of yield. This translates to increased productivity and a reduction in the use of our precious resources.


12/252 New Line Rd, Dural
Sydney , NSW 2158

As the world's demand for food and medicine increases so are the hurldes associated with production. Climate change, poor soil conditions, irresponsible use of resources and waste dipsosal are some of the factors hindering our ability to consistantly produce sufficient volumes of high quality food and medicine.

The vital need to meet this ever increasing demand is one of the core reasons why our team of highly qualified and skilled scientists work day in, day out to develop advanced technologies that help growers of all scales produce high quality and high yielding plants with minimal impact on our environment.

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  • 12/ 252 New Line Rd
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