Air Sniper


Cleaning Life's Most Important Element More than water, food or shelter, air is the most important element in our lives. The average person will take 300 million breaths during their lifetime. So when it isn’t truly clean, it makes a difference. Particularly to those of us with poor respiratory health and allergies. Introducing the Air Sniper, the most technically advanced indoor air treatment system available today. Unlike traditional air cleaners, it doesn’t just trap harmful particles. It destroys them. Making the air safer to breathe for those with respiratory illnesses and allergies—and better to breathe for everyone


64th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2V5, CAN


The Technology
The technology incorporated into the Air Sniper was developed to sterilize the air rather than purify it. By maximizing both the UVGI output, and the effective photocatalytic surface area we were able to achieve a 99.9% destruction rate for microorganisms, without the use of HEPA filters, and a significant first pass reduction in VOCs, without the use of activated carbon filters (VOCs can be large molecules, and will sometimes require multiple passes through unit to eliminate completely).

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