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We focus on a full regenerative farming practice, utilizing modified methods of KNF (Korean Natural Farming) which we refer to as Modern Day Natural Farming. We follow a no-till soil rule of thumb, constantly building, feeding, and giving back to the life of our soil which then in return gives back tremendously to the cannabis that is grown in the soil. We use custom blends of cover crops mostly comprised of different clovers, wild beans, and wild flowers enhancing nitrogen and an overall giving back to the soil’s microbial life. We make all our own nutrients from the cannabis plant itself, fruits, vegetables, and wild caught ocean fish. We source the majority of these ingredients locally within our community. We make our own IPM and mold defense from herbs, grasses, and spices. We utilize the whole plant in all stages, from leaves and trimmed plant matter to create concentrated plant food. We also use the dried and brittle stalks after the flower is gently cared for and hand trimmed. We compost anything else remaining to fully close the loop. We encourage you to take the time and ask for Craft KNF-Farmed Cannabis in your local dispensary and hope you get to taste and feel the beyond organic experience of the flowers and concentrates farmed in this all-natural way.


84 Emerald Nook Freeland, Kansas 00321

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  • Are you personally interested in growing your own medicine? Do you want to grow craft Cannabis at home within the newly passed CA state law? How about provide your own purely organic flowers? Need help sourcing the correct seeds or clones? Need help planning out your personal grow site in your yard or on your property? No problem, we passionately offer 1 on 1 coaching to help with all your own personal growing needs and making your own nutrients from local sourced fruits and vegetables. We want to empower you and help you learn and succeed. There is not a greater feeling than growing your own beautiful cannabis plants, the most unique flowers on earth.

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