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We Do Cannabis Advertising. Puff Network is the bridge for cannabis companies looking to advertise and market their brand, products, and services. On the other side, we are the mediums for cannabis media companies such as websites, social media influencers, events, magazines, and more looking to sell their advertising inventory. Publishers, Selling inventory is a vigorous and overcomplicated process. Most of the time, a large percentage of your inventory goes unsold and you end up making much less than what you could have made. Puff Network is here to help you regain the lost revenue by automating all of your time-consuming tasks and processes using our proprietary platform. Focus on doing what you do best, creating valuable content and we'll do what we do best, make you money! Work with us and we'll turn your digital asset into a revenue-generating machine. Puff Network is a tool for you, use it. Join us as a publisher here https://puffnetwork.com/publisher-signup.php. Advertisers, Advertising is hard. Google and Facebook do not allow cannabis companies to advertise. As such, regular strategies and tactics are just not a possibility for many cannabis companies. It is getting difficult to navigate the ever-changing restrictions and the varying limitations of rules and regulations we must abide by. Puff Network makes Cannabis Marketing easy and effective, as it should be. We eliminate the risk, confusion, and stress associated with cannabis advertising by assembling all the best advertising opportunities and avenues within and outside of the industry. Our platform was built for you. We give you advertising solutions. Join us as an advertiser here https://puffnetwork.com/advertiser-signup.php Our advertising network offers multiple advertising solutions for display, desktop, mobile and native. It's our goal to always see upcoming changes in the cannabis industry and adapt quickly to ensure that our publishers and advertisers are always one step ahead of their competition.


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  • Cross-Platform Marketing
  • Various Targeting Options
  • Reach The Right Audience
  • Competitive Rates
  • Track Campaign Performance
  • Professional Consulting Services


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