State-Of-Art Performance DNA-based pathogen testing kits from PathogenDx are light years ahead of other microbial testing methods. In addition to being able to test for over twenty different microbials simultaneously, testing kits from PathogenDx provide: The world's fastest microbial test < 6 hours from raw sample to result Ultra-Rapid Content Scalability Differentiate between good and bad microbes so your lab doesn't fail samples on indicator organisms 100+ Tests Per Day Over 20 plus microbials tested in 100 samples in one day Lowest Cost More than 20% Total cost savings compared to other solutions on the market Maximum Detection Down to 0.1 CFU detection for pathogenic organisms


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  • PathogenDx’s affordable, simple, and effective testing can be scaled for testing facilities of all sizes. Whether you need to test an individual plant, a small grow house, an entire orchard, or large agricultural fields, our products will serve you well.
  • This technology provides people involved with all aspects of commerce in the cannabis, food and agricultural, and botanical markets access to accurate real-time answers to their most important question: have my plants or crops been contaminated with fungi, molds, viruses or mildew?
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