PURE - RELIABLE - full remission survivor with Two different type of Cancer . ( Father ) Illinois doctors are turning to www.HempForFitness.com in droves for our CBD-rich hemp oil because it’s heavily screened and potent. We have our hemp vape oil, salves, and concentrates lab tested on a regular basis to not only conform to the laws of the land, but also to ensure folks get quality product. To show you what we test for we’ll use recent lab results from one of our hemp oil concentrates: 1) Full Cannabinoid Profile More and more oncologists, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, internal medicine specialists, and holistic practitioners understand the value of a full spectrum cannabinoid profile. It’s a part of leveraging the “whole plant” value of hemp vs single-phytocannabinoids or synthetic concentrates. One of the main concerns revolving around industrial hemp is that it can become a sponge, sucking toxins out of the soil. Plus, people are really unsure about what kinds of pesticides are used on industrial hemp that’s coming from outside the US. We don’t need to get into all these, but suffice it to say that our hemp oil is clean, very clean. There are no detectable amounts of potentially harmful pesticides present. This is very comforting to our customers, especially healthcare professionals that refer patients to us that could be quite sensitive. 2) Microbiological Screening Like any other crop, hemp can get contaminated. From a tiny sproutling to concentrated oil, there’s always the dangers pathogens, black mold, infectious bacteria or fungus getting picked up or developed along the way. We test to ensure our oils are medicinal-grade and perfectly safe for human consumption. 3) Residual Solvents Testing Finally, we test for impurities, solvents used in the extraction process, and other adulterants that can be harmful to humans. Plus they lower the bioavailability of cannabinoids and terpenes. :@) How about them apples? Now that’s a real breakdown of what clean and potent CBD-rich hemp oil looks like in lab results. It also gives you a good idea of why health professionals are confident referring people to us and using our oils themselves.

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AJ Sappenfield AJ Sappenfield
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Best hemp products around!

The best hemp products I have come across! Hands Down!

April 2016

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