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Ideal 420 Soil was founded on the premise that those interested in growing their own cannabis should have simple and reliable means to do so. Even though our soil is dependent neither on a complex feeding schedule, nor purchase after purchase of additives, it still contains everything a cannabis plant needs. The confidence that simply adding water will carry your plant to fruition, prevents much of the frustration which can be associated with the learning curve new growers face. This translates to money saved as well as time. Time is better spent admiring the miracle of natural growth, rather than troubleshooting problems associated with its complexity!



  • About Jon Buck
  • Howdy, I’m Jon. I grew up in Chicago before traveling to Colorado to study Soil & Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. A love for biology led me to a deep appreciation of plants, and then to a fascination with the soil from which they grew! I’ve since developed a passion for writing because it’s a great way to share the knowledge beyond my own garden. When I’m not gardening like a mad scientist or writing, I’m enjoying the outdoors, a new cooking challenge, or nice good book.

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