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Hitman Glass was founded in Boston by Dougie Fresh and Erik Weissman around the summer of 2008-09′. The roots took hold when the two New England festival-goers met and realized they unknowingly shared a circle of childhood & college friends. Living in the college student metropolis Boston, and being an active part of the festival vending scene; Doug & Erik were also acutely aware of a hungry young market for locally-produced high-end glass pipes & glass art. They spent a summer meeting the local pipe makers like Steve Bates (Hitman's original resident scientific glassblower), distributing locally made pipes to local headshops, and helping set up & manage the now-closed The Joint smokeshop in Brighton, MA. Finally they were ready to formally set out in the spring 2010 and make the pipes that they would be stoked to show off and smoke themselves; and Doug has never stepped away from their original mission As time pressed on, the company shifted manufacturing entirely to Los Angeles, where lathe space and glass labor was more readily available. Through many different styles of glass, label & brand makeovers, employee turnover & restructuring, company relocations, and the tragic death of Erik in 2011; Hitman Glass has gone from a spark of an idea, to a raging fire of innovation visibly influencing everything around it. Hitman and its loyal family of glassblowers, business partners, friends, family, and far-away fans will always stand behind high quality American-made glass pipes that support the artists and counter-culture movement surrounding us. Today Hitman Glass Inc is owned and operated by Doug himself, where he still designs pipes that cater to a distinguished clientele of glass collectors reflecting the higher end of today's smoking accessory market. Hitman continues to push the boundaries with innovative waterpipe technology, a published book of glass art, sponsoring events that support our beliefs & industry, and producing ground-breaking shows like Chalice and Dab-a-Doo for the growing counter-culture community we will always love and be proud to call family.


15507 S Normandie Ave #463
Gardena, California 90247
United States

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