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Bridget and Dr. Donald Gay started growing onHigh CBD Industrial Hemp for it’s medicinal properties their farm in 2015. Their 2000 acre ranch and farm in southern Colorado had not seen commercial agricultural chemicals for the 20+ years they had been farming - and with the exceptionally pure Wet Mountain Spring water they use for irrigating, they felt they had the ideal setup for growing this amazing herb for their family, friends and patients.


There are many uses for hemp and many methods to farm hemp. We are producing hemp with high CBD for medicinal use. Hemp is also grown for fiber, seed oil, seed for food and the hurd in the stocks can be used for animal feed and bedding. There are many other uses, such as hemp concrete, bio fuels, rope and paper - just to name a few. Know that all hemp is referred to as “Industrial Hemp” but growing hemp for CBD is very different than growing it for fiber, paper and bio-fuels. Hemp seed is a complete food and a great source for protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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