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Our Mission Heady Treasures was established with the vision of becoming the #1 online exhibit for American glass art. We do our best to research each brand we carry, striving to focus exclusively on American made brands. Our goal is to spotlight rising talent in the community by supporting local glassblowers–while also featuring functional and non-functional products from your favorite elite heady glass artists. All of our items are inspected to ensure that the piece you receive is of the highest quality. The ‘Heady’ standard sets a certain level of perfection among our inventory, supplying our collectors with custom glass ‘Treasures’.


2117 Buffalo Road Suite 184
Rochester, New York 14624
United States

Heady Treasures is an independently owned and operated business. We have been a part of the community for years and take great pride in our service in the industry. We hope to further expand as a business and fulfill all of our collector’s needs. Your support makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!

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