Green Bee Collective


Green Bee Collective was founded in 2014 on the sole basis of a need for a professional, convenient, and affordable cannabis product retailer after many Ventura County locals had to dangerously obtain untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent products from an illegal market or go through costly, time consuming measures. Green Bee Collective immediately stepped in to solve this problem and fulfill the needs of the Ventura County locals by specializing in the non-store retailer of cannabis products by ground transportation. To accompany the newly founded company, we developed a mission statement that goes beyond simply delivering cannabis products. It includes a commitment to quality, honesty, and integrity which continues to this day. Since then the company has grown to encompass several employees and thousands of loyal customers in all of Ventura County. Green Bee Collective continues to lead the way in redefining cannabis distribution, and is now among one of the most trusted and recognized cannabis companies in the great state of California.


401 S Maple Rd
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
United States

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