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This is the story of Skip Steele and the Cannabis Crew, a team of early pioneers of the cannabis smuggling trade in the late 1960's and throughout the decade of the 1970's. Skip and his partners were an unlikely and intrepid group of Air Force Academy Officers, who, having been disillusioned by the atrocities of the Vietnam War, joined forces with a group of surfers and watermen to develop some of the first large scale smuggling operations of high quality Colombian Marijuana to the fervent and growing base of "heads" throughout the United States of America in cities which included Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, up and Down the East Coast, and throughout major cities in California and Washington. Motivated by their common love for adventure and the gift that is cannabis, together this crew of saltwater hardened smugglers imported enormous amounts of herb from South America, Africa and Thailand, eventually flooding the streets of a changing societal landscape in America in the late 60's and early 1970's. From humble beginnings, these group of unlikely patriots forged a lifestyle of incredible wealth, international exploits, intrigue and adventure beyond which any of them could have ever imagined. At Ganja Outpost, we are thrilled that the original members of the "Cannabis Crew" are kind enough to share anecdotes from a life lived at the front lines of the failed and useless "War on Drugs" that has plagued American society since the 60's. The original "Cannabis Crew", including Skip Steele, shared an unwritten creed by which they conducted every aspect of their marijuana smuggling enterprises. This code revolved around respect for the herb, for each other, and the risky business they were undertaking. Today, Ganja Outpost creates exclusive marijuana artwork, t-shirts and cannabis inspired products that help to tell the story of the Cannabis Crew.


  • •Custom T-shirts
  • •Cannabis Art
  • •Story of Skip Steele


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Great service

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