WHAT IS THE CBD EVOLUTION™? We call it an evolution because the health benefits of hemp have been known for a long time and are constantly evolving. Recent research suggests that we have much to learn from the remarkable cannabis plant. We invite you to educate yourself on the science elucidating the many compounds found in agricultural hemp and to determine if they are right for you. If you discover what we have about the potential of agricultural hemp, we implore you to share this information with your friends and loved ones. WHAT WE DO CannaVest™ is in the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling raw oil and end-consumer products containing agricultural hemp-based compounds with a focus on cannabidiol (CBD). We are pioneering an emerging worldwide trend to re-energize the production of agricultural hemp and to foster its many uses for consumers. Our health and wellness raw agricultural and consumer products are produced with cannabidiol (CBD). We believe that we are the largest supplier of low-THC CBD oil in the world. OUR COMMITMENT At CannaVest™, we believe that the future of hemp is unlimited. Through innovative and responsible application of science, we will enhance the prosperity and well-being of our customers, employees, communities and shareholders. We are committed to pioneering the hemp revolution as the world’s leading producer of quality hemp-derived CBD products.




  • •PlusCBD Oil™ BALM
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ SPRAY
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ CAPSULES
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ Green Grams
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ Gold Grams
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ Green Oral Applicators
  • •PlusCBD Oil™ Gold Oral Applicators

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