Cannabis Insurance Company LLC


The mission of Cannabis Insurance Company LLC is to provide security and protection for qualified marijuana businesses. We will accomplish this in an expanding, diversified market throughout the US. Quality products, superior service, quality control, education and accountability is our primary goal. We will maintain high standards of excellence by continuing to educate and train our personnel in an expanding Cannabis Industry.


9200 West Cross Drive, Suite 515 Littleton, CO 801

Why We're Here
Our Mission: To offer safety, security, and peace of mind.
We "Protect the Dream" of all qualifying cannabis businesses, investors, partners and customers by transferring risk with outstanding insurance products and service. Our "Protection" extends beyond Colorado, to each state in the nation, providing unyielding protection for your business in any U.S. sector.
To excel in providing incomparable products and services.
To continually educate our team, providing up-to-the-minute updates on the constantly changing cannabis landscape.
To ensure quality control and accountability not just for the end results of our process, but in each step along the way.
Transparency, assurance, and trust.

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