Bee-Nails is the Colorado Company that puts its people before its profits. Our vaporizer and extraction products lead the industry because of you, the Colony! We continuously innovate our designs for our Enails, Vaporizers, Wax Pens, Dab Rigs, and Rosin Presses primarily based on Colony feedback.

What is the Colony?
The Bee-Nails Colony is made up of our customers and our subscribers to our social media platforms. You are our Colony, our family. Listening and taking action on Colony feedback enables us to offer the best products in the industry at the lowest price. Have questions or concerns? Call 844-Bee-Nail and ask to speak to one of our owners. Email and receive a reply within 24 business hours guaranteed. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch in depth product videos on every single product at The Colony truly comes first at Bee-Nails.
Our Core Passion: Kaizen the Colony!

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