Since 2008 we have been creating edibles. It began with the medicated butters, oils, and bubble hash additives that we put in our products. Running an organic farm was our specialty; providing quality fruits and vegetables to share with friends and family. My father was going to be 70 years old, a hardcore believer in not having cannabis or any cannabis derived products in his life. But because of the pain in his knees and lower back; I mentioned that a light dose of cannabis or something he could eat would help him sleep and increase his ability to recover from the constant work he enjoys doing on the farm. After months of dealing with pain from his work on the farm he agreed. We began creating a 50mg THC edible lozenge and 50mg/ml tincture for him to consume. We had launched a small edible company that had a few loyal followers and we went sharing these products with anyone who would try them. In 2014 Avocanna was created. We were having a rough time competing in a marketplace that was consistently shifting. From the constant package upgrades required to put our products in the dispensaries to the constant competition for a more “healthy” product. California was going through a period where everyone was requesting vegan friendly, gluten free products. Determined to overcome this, I uttered a quick prayer walking into the Thai restaurant that day.


856 57th Street
Sacramento, California 95819
United States

The needs of patients consistently fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways that we at Avocanna strive to anticipate. We provide highly medicated doses at an affordable rate. Our products are not only easy to utilize, easy to conceal, they are effective and healthy as well. Our reach extends to everywhere you do business Our team is sophisticated and experienced in providing high quality medication wherever and whenever it is needed. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to keep up the pace. If you keep requesting we'll keep providing. If you have an order we would love to take it; if you have a challenge, we'd love to hear it!

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