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Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) provides the best climate control equipment in the cannabis industry. We not only offer the most efficient systems, but unrivaled precision in environmental control based on temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential. Our experienced project managers and authorized representatives design complete building automation and controls to ensure optimum system performance and efficiency for your project. We work with clients to ensure our custom designed facilities achieve perfect control over the growing environment. Our projects range from small operations to some of the largest cultivation projects in the world.


1779 Tribute Rd, Ste J Sacramento, CA 95815

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  • The phenomenon of relative humidity presents some challenges for conventional dehumidifier control. Since somewhat small changes in the temperature can impact the relative humidity, monitoring the relative humidity of a space for dehumidification control can cause premature indexing to the dehumidification mode. Although humidity control is set and read in terms of relative humidity, our systems constantly convert the setpoint and sensor values internally to dewpoints.

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