Hey evryone!

This is AJ, co-founder and ceo of Cannabis Connects Global! 

We just re-launched our new app/site and hope you enjoy it! To tell you a little more 
about who we are; Cannabis Connects Global is the total embodiment of the 
cannabis industry. On our site you will find the latest cannabis 
products, global cannabis news, & new exciting companies along with 
the pioneers of the trade, as our goal is to help meet and fulfill 
all your needs concerning the cannabis industry. You will also find 
popular product & business listings reviews, with classifieds and 
special event listings as well!

Our goal is to bring the world of cannabis to you, our motto is "Stay 
Informed, Get Connected". We want you to feel engaged with the global 
cannabis movement and recognized as a cannabis industry supporter.

Please join our family get connected, listed, subscribe or 
however you want to be involved and together we will move into a new 
year of Cannabis freedom & prosperity.

Enjoy your stay!

Albert J. Sappenfield
Cannabis Connects Global