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South Africa at cannabis crossroads

by AFP on

At the moment, possessing, growing or using marijuana -- even in small quantities -- can lead to jail time, a fine and a criminal record.... Read full article

Medical cannabis giants eye UK for next 'green rush' ahead of the industry's first conference

by Iain Withers on

The UK will host its first medical cannabis conference in London in October... Read full article

MJAC2017 - InvestorsHub International Cannabis Conference

by Scutify on

Exhibitors will get the opportunity to meet over 2000 qualified potential investors and market themselves on the world's most significant retail investor network ( ... Read full article

Get Ready for Jerusalem 2021 Academic Weed Fest

by David Israel on

The ICRS is the oldest scientific society dedicated to the research in the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, and their physiological and biochemical targets.... Read full article

International Cannabis Enters Recreational Cannabis Market in Uruguay

by Bryan Mc Govern on

The company will be able to sell psychoactive cannabis for non-medical use in pharmacies beginning July 19.... Read full article

Is marijuana a secret weapon against the opioid epidemic?


“Really, if we stopped medical marijuana programs that are now in place in 29 states and Washington, DC … the science suggests we would worsen the opioid epidemic,” ... Read full article

Investment Options in the Multi-billion Dollar Medical Marijuana Industry


Predicted to reach $55.8 billion by 2025, the global medical marijuana industry presents to investors a wide array of investment opportunities, driven by increasing demand for therapeutic applications of the drug.... Read full article

Israeli Study Shows Medical Cannabis Can Treat Autism In Children

by By Kathryn Dura, NoCamels on

The disorder is often diagnosed when the child is around the age of two, when they demonstrate impaired social skills and communication abilities along with compulsive behaviors.... Read full article

Nevada On Pace For $30 Million in Marijuana Sales By End Of Year

by Chris Morris on

It's a solid start for Nevada growers, who face a tax rate of 33% to 38%, but the initial sales pale compared to some of the forerunners in the legal cannabis field.... Read full article

Canadian firm iAnthus makes $17.3M bid for spot in New York medical marijuana industry

by Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff on

Upon closing the deal, the publicly traded Canadian firm will have operations in five states: Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York and Vermont.... Read full article