Medical cannabis giants eye UK for next 'green rush' ahead of the industry's first conference

In October the UK will host what is believed to be its first medical cannabis conference, an international jamboree of weed-based therapies in London.

It may seem like an eccentric choice, given cannabis is illegal in Britain. But Saul Kaye, the Israeli entrepreneur behind the event, is confident the country is on the cusp of decriminalising marijuana and ushering in a “green rush” of investment. It is a phenomenon that has already gripped his homeland, creating a multibillion-dollar industry and around 500 companies. It is also one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, where medical marijuana is legal in some states.

Internationally the industry is worth around $20bn (£15.5bn) and is forecast to reach $100bn by 2020. The UK is a long way behind.

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15 Aug 2017

By Iain Withers