Colorado police, sheriffs up in arms over civil asset forfeiture bill

Supporters of House Bill 1313 say the measure would add accountability to the controversial practice, called civil asset forfeiture, and better protect Coloradans’ rights to due process. Opponents say that while they support aspects of the bill that add oversight, the money that could be siphoned away would curtail important law enforcement investigations — and they want the legislation vetoed.

“I think this is a solution looking for a problem,” said Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey, who is among the top law enforcement officials in the state urging Hickenlooper to reject the legislation. “I don’t think our senators and our representatives understand.”

Hickenlooper spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said the governor — facing mounting pressure — is “reviewing this bill,” which passed this legislative session after earlier failed attempts at similar laws.


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09 Jun 2017

By Jesse Paul, The Denver Post